Two Grooms and a Wedding
Kimani Romance
March 2008
ISBN-10: 0373860560
ISBN-13: 978-0373860562
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Daughter of a prominent senator, ambitious Washington, DC attorney Isabella Kane has big dreams that include marriage to equally ambitious Randall Jarrett. But a funny thing happened on the way to altar. She met a luscious hunk and for just one forbidden night, she followed her heart and indulged her deepest passions. But now, she can’t forget…

His mystery lady was gone by dawn, but political strategist Derrick Knight can’t stop thinking about the irresistible woman he longs to see again. When she shows up as his fraternity brother’s fiancée, he’s stunned—but determined to stake his claim. He and Randall let a woman come between them once before…but this time he won’t back down. He wants Bella for his own bride!


Arlington, VA

"Isabella Elizabeth Kane, what do you mean you're engaged to two men?"

With her head planted between her legs, Isabella waited for the nausea to pass. It wasn’t going to happen anytime soon-especially not while her mother, Katherine, screeched at her.

"Answer me, young lady!" her mother stomped her foot. “Do you realize the mess you’ve made?”

In response, Isabella released a long winding groan. Under the circumstances, it was the best she could do. Heck, she didn't understand how she’d gotten in this mess either. Well, she did, but it was all so unbelievable that she didn’t know where to start.


Isabella jumped from the bed, hiked up the hem of her white beaded Bradgley Mischka wedding dress and raced to the bedroom window of her parents’ two story home. Her mother and Isabella’s team of bridesmaids/sorority sisters followed suit.

Outside, rolling around on the lush green lawn before hundreds of friends, family and Capitol Hill’s most powerful elite, Isabella’s two fiancés, Derrick Knight and Randall Jarrett duked it out as if a world championship title was on the line.

Reverend Williams, bless his heart, jumped in to pull the men apart, but his efforts landed all three in the Lady Justice stone-garden water fountain.

Everyone gasped in horror.

“No. No. No. This can’t be happening,” Isabella fretted, turning away from the window to pace around the room like a mad woman. “Oh, God. What am I going to do?”

No one had an answer to that-especially since no one knew how she had managed to get herself engaged to two men at once.

“Izzy,” Keri Evans, Izzy’s best friend, spoke up. “You’re going to have to do something.”

Talk about an understatement.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

All the women jumped and gasped at the sudden hammering on the bedroom door.

“Isabella, open this door!” her father, Senator Tyler Kane roared.

Shrinking from the rattling partition, Isabella returned to the bed and tucked her head between her knees again. Meanwhile, her mother rushed to the door.

“Everybody out!” her father barked.

The command was met with the loud rustle of silk as her bridesmaids bolted. Isabella wished she could join them, but she no longer trusted her legs stability to carry out an escape attempt.

The Senator, as he was affectionately called, slammed the door behind the women. Waves of heat pulsed from him and, if Isabella wasn’t mistaken, the floor trembled as he stalked toward the bed.

“Well, little lady?”

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she croaked at the pearl-colored carpet.

“Sorry? I have spent twenty years on Capitol Hill,” he began, his voice laden with a lethal dose of anger. “And I’ve never once been embroiled in a single scandal. You, my own daughter, has managed to destroy my record in one afternoon. This is an election year for God’s sakes!”

“Tyler, calm down,” her mother instructed softly.

“How can I be calm? The media is here.”

Isabella’s head snapped up and for her trouble the room spun. “Oh, daddy.”

“Don’t ‘oh, daddy’ me. You need to get out there and fix this.”

Fix it? How on earth could she do that?

A quick knock and Keri rushed back into the room. “They’re on their way up.”

“Who?” her mother asked.

“The fiancés.”

Isabella sprang to her feet, thankful they still worked after all. “Stop them! Don’t let them come up here.”

“Stop them?” Katherine questioned. “Honey, you can’t stay up here and hide all day. You’re going to have to talk to them.”

“No. I-I can’t,” Isabella said, bordering on panic.

“By God! As much money as I have spent on this wedding, you’re getting married today.”

“To which one?” her mother asked.

“Derrick/Randall,” her father and Keri answered in sync and then glanced at one another.

Only her mother thought to ask, “Well, which one do you love?”

“What the hell does love have to do with any of this?” The Senator thundered. “She’ll marry who I say to marry!”

“Tyler!” her mother screeched.


Keri stepped forward. “Izzy? It’s your decision.”

Before anyone had the chance to refute the statement, the bedroom door banged open and Isabella’s two bloodied and soaking wet grooms spilled inside.

“Randall, get out of my way!”

“Like hell, Derrick!”

Isabella leapt behind Keri, hoping to use her as a human shield while the men continued to scuffle.

Her brave father stepped forward and ended the tussle with the powerful boom of his voice. “Stop it, both of you! If you break one thing in this house, I’ll have you both thrown in jail!”

The angry grooms sprung apart, their heated glares continued the war.

“Isabella?” her father prompted and all eyes turned toward her.

Randall, her first fiancé, pulled his shoulders back and stood erect. His handsome face stared at her with confidence. “Will you tell this man-” he indicted to Derrick who stood to his right. “-whom it is you wished to marry.”

Isabella’s eyes shifted to her second fiancé who towered over Randall by three inches and possessed shoulders as broad and strong as mountains. “Bella?” His dark eyes implored. “Tell them it’s me you love.”

Tears crested her eyes as she opened her mouth, but her throat clenched closed beneath everyone’s expected gazes. And then she did the one thing no one expected...she fainted.