Adrianne Byrd “Interviews” Jonas Hinton

The following interview between Adrianne Byrd and Jonas Hinton took place October 29, 2007 in a quaint restaurant called The Bulloch House in Manchester, Georgia. The interview was taped and will be transcribed and presented without editing.

10/29/07 12:05 p.m.

Jonas: Adrianne, you’re looking well.

Adrianne: Thank you. You’re looking good as always. Got that whole professional/sexy look happening.

Jonas: You’re not going to start flirting with me again, are you? My wife may get a little jealous.

Adrianne: Well, I guess we can’t have that. So the whole marriage thing is working out?

Jonas: It’s more than working out. I’m the happiest man alive. A proud husband and...father.

Adrianne: What??? I thought she wasn’t due for oh, wait.

Jonas: Yeah, you’re a little behind. Chloe is six months old now.

Adrianne: Six months? Wow. Where has the time gone? Looks like I’m a little behind on the baby gifts.

Jonas: Don’t worry about it. Chloe has more than enough.

Adrianne: Oh, yeah. I forgot you’re filthy rich. Lunch is on you, right?

Jonas: (laughing) Isn’t it always?

Adrianne: True. True. No need to start breaking traditions. (chuckle) So...I’m getting quite a response to your and Toni’s story. The book hits the shelves in a couple of days-any regrets sharing your story with me?

Jonas: Nah. I’m just flattered that you were so interested.

Adrianne: Who wouldn’t be? When you first told me the story, I ran through a box of Kleenex, remember?

Jonas: Sucker for the mushy stuff, huh?

Adrianne: Uh, huh. I seem to remember a few tears in your eyes, too. Don’t front and try to act all hard now.

Jonas: I plea the fifth.

Adrianne: Wise man.

Jonas: (Laughs)

Adrianne: Now some of the advance readers have commented about the love scene on the Harley.

Jonas: You put that in there???

Adrianne: Of course I did. It was HOT!

Jonas: Oh, Lord. My wife is going to kill me when she sees that in print.

Adrianne: Hey, you said nothing was off limits, remember? Besides, my readers applaud you for your extraordinary engineering skills. I’m impressed myself.

Jonas: Okay, now you’re embarrassing me.

Adrianne: Trust me. You have nothing to be embarrassed about-unless you have it all on a secret sex tape. You don’t, do you?

Jonas: No.

Adrianne: Oh. Too bad.

Jonas: (Laughing) You’re something else.

Adrianne: I’m just trying to please my readers. By the way, you and Toni look hot on the cover of the book. My editor thinks the book will fly off the shelves.

Jonas: Well, I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m not a model you know.

Adrianne: Could have fooled me. You’re very photogenic.

Jonas: Thank you.

Adrianne: You know we’ve been friends for awhile, how come we’ve never hit it off?

Jonas: You’re kidding, right? I asked you out years ago and you blew me off.

Adrianne: What? Never!

Jonas: You did. Scout’s honor. You’re always planted in front of your computer-writing.

Adrianne: Well, I have to get love stories like yours out. Let people know that true love is alive and well in our community.

Jonas: Uh, huh. And what about your own love story?

Adrianne: We’re not here to talk about me.

Jonas: Classic avoidance.

Adrianne: Whatever. Back to you. Do you ever see Ophelia and Solomon anymore?

Jonas: No. But I hear they’re expecting their second kid soon.

Adrianne: Fabulous. What about Marcel and Diana?

Jonas: Nope. We all pretty much travel in different circles now.

Adrianne: That’s a shame.

Jonas: You think so?

Adrianne: I think it would have been nice if you all could just squash some of that nonsense.

Jonas. Yeah. I guess.

Adrianne: Then again, you did return to Atlanta for the sole purpose to break them up.

Jonas: Not to break them up. (Coughs) Just, you know, to cause a little trouble. At the time, I thought they had it coming.

Adrianne: You were still hurting?

Jonas: Something like that.

Adrianne: Well, what’s past is past. You and Ophelia have found your soul-mates.

Jonas: Absolutely.

Adrianne: And what about your brothers?

Jonas: What about them?

Adrianne: Anything poppin’ off in the love department for them?

Jonas: You’re going to have to ask them that.

Adrianne: I intend to. My in-box is already jammed with questions about them and their love life.

Jonas: That ought to go to Q’s head. Your book will probably just increase the number of women in his fan club.

Adrianne: Hell, I’m a member myself.

Jonas: What? You have the hots for Quentin?

Adrianne: Shoot. Your brother’s fine. Both of them, really.

Jonas: You want me to put in a good word for you?

Adrianne: Don’t play.

Jonas: Hey, I’m just a friend trying to help out a friend.

Adrianne: Shoot. You’re going to get my fans mad if I swipe up one of the Hinton’s for myself.

Jonas: I bet you won’t put all your business in the book.

Adrianne: Anyway.

Jonas: Just what I thought.

Adrianne: Changing the subject. Basically what my readers want to know is: are you and Toni in it for the long haul?

Jonas: Absolutely. I’ve found a woman who completes me. She’s my sun, moon and stars.

Adrianne: Good. I’m glad. I think that’s all for now. I’ll turn the tape off. Are you going to eat-

End of tape.