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The reviews are in...

King's Passion (06/11)
"4 stars - A funny, slick novel filled with strong personalities - what more do you need? This first entry in the House of Kings series will definitely ensure that readers return for the next brother (fingers crossed it's Xavier!). This is a quick and entertaining read."

— Jacqui McGugins, RT Bookclub


King's Promise (07/11)
"In this second installment of Byrd's series about the sexy King brothers, readers are treated to the intense, funny affair between the second King brother, Xavier, and his new bartender. There are secrets about to be uncovered and waiting for the other shoe to drop is half the fun. The other half is that cousin Quentin is back and hopefully he'll find his own happy ending next. He deserves one!"

— Jacqui McGugins, RT Bookclub

King's Promise (11/11)
"Subtle is not a word that will be associated with this third entry in the King brothers’ saga. It’s amazing the depth this story reaches, even though it’s based on a one-night stand. It is truly impressive how the author ties all of the plot threads together in a believable way."

— Jacqui McGugins, RT Bookclub


My Unbroken Heart
The Unforgettable Hintons
November 2015
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